Our Strength

  • Trained

    Picked, Trained, Shortlisted, educated by our HR & Training Department.

  • Certified

    Tested, Verified, Documented, Rated, Certified by our training Institutes.

  • Professionally Managed

    Disciplined, Guided, Empowered, Encouraged by our engineers & Experts.

  • Quality Inspected

    Our Services and process are quality checked randomly by our quality & Auditing team.

  • Skilled

    Our engineers & Technicians are Specialized, Domain Expertise, Equipped & updated.


ourtechnicians.com is trade name of APM TECHNICAL SERVICES PVT LTD
Ourtehnicians.com believes in providing superior quality service to our clients, with absolute integrity. We always go the extra mile and do everything possible to make sure a job is completed efficiently and on time, and that any emergency call is promptly covered. Your satisfaction is our core objective, and we do what is necessary to ensure that.  
Some of the reasons why should you choose ourtechnicians.com:
1. Communication is Key – you will receive weekly, monthly or periodic inspections and service reports, along with client satisfaction surveys.  
• We are proactive, identifying and solving problems before they arise.  
• Our client relationships are conducted with fairness and transparency.  
We invest the time and resources to scope, plan, implement and maintain systems tailored to your individual needs.  
• We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our clients personnel.  
2. Qualified Personnel 
We recruit, induct and train or contract the right personnel (qualified, trained, reliable and courteous), so the service you receive is consistent and fits with your needs. Also, for security purposes, all employees wear photo ID badges and embroidered uniform shirts at all times.  
3. Safety in Our Products and Services 
The safety of our employees, as well as the staff and facilities of our customers, is of primary concern to us. Employees are trained in safe work habits, including lifting techniques and handling of hazardous materials.  
4. We’re Here For You 24/7 
Our 24/7 availability ensures that our customers receive a timely response to any needs they may have. The methods of communication vary depending on each customer’s needs. We are available by telephone, text or email. Providing outstanding communication with our customers is crucial to our success.  
5. We Exceed Your Expectations 
You can truly understand what sets us apart from other commercial maintenance services when you contact our professional staff at ourtechnicians.com . Our detail-oriented staff is standing by to exceed your expectations by providing program to meet your specific needs. We use innovative thinking to create custom-tailored solutions and deliver a quality service the first time and every time.  
6. Sustainability Practices 
Because sustainability is a key part of our facility operations and maintenance service, we utilize best-practice sustainability processes to keep your buildings run at peak effectiveness. Our keen focus on energy conservation helps clients to direct capital toward initiatives with a high return on investment.

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